Dragon City #646 How To Get Free Gems From Freebies Task For Free Without Hack [New Event 2019]

DragonCity Hack

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Dragon City #646 How To Get Free Gems From Freebies Task For Free Without Hack [New Event 2019]

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Freebies Event is a event that allow you to get free gems by download other app and run it. After you completed the task, you will get your free gems as your reward.

The Dragon Cinema now known as Freebie Island is a Mobile Only Feature that allows the players to view videos or complete offers like trying another vendors apps in exchange for free food, gold, and gems.

The requirements for making the Island appear, have not been confirmed, but the following actions have been noted:

Unlocking other islands

Reaching between levels 20-25. Although it has unlocked earlier and later for some players.

Playing for approximately 20 days on your mobile device.

These videos and offers are being brought to you by an independent vendor, not Social Point. At times, there may be no videos available or there may be a delay in getting your rewards.

Any disputes with rewards offered should be submitted to the vendors sponsoring the rewards. You can find more info about how to contact them IN THIS THREAD

Remember, this is a MOBILE ONLY feature. The Island will not appear for some older mobile devices. This is an issue with the video capabilities of older phones and tablets.

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DragonCity Hack

DragonCity Hack