Dragon City Guide: Arena Tips and Tricks You Can Use To Always Win ( Arena Guide)

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So as you noticed by now arena is all about thinking a few steps ahead. This next fight is tough since we both have 3 level 40 dragons that are getting the extra health from the arena. As usual I pick a dragon that will not take double damage from his first dragon just in case. I picked my high priest because his high priest has no moves that will do double on mine. One of his moves will do no damage and one does half so it does not get better than that. But at the very least just make sure you won’t get hit for double damage. Not much else happens until his last dragon. I am just switching out when my dragon will die. But then we get to his last dragon the high tech dragon and you will see me do a few crazy switches. After he hits my high tech dragon for more than half I switch to my high priest and use electro ball. I did this so that he could not kill my high tech dragon and I know my high priest will not take double damage. However electro ball does less than half on him so I switch back to my high tech dragon to finish it. I did that because my high tech dragons tesla ray move is stronger than they high priest electro ball. Obviously I cannot show you guys every situation but if you think about things the way I do in this video you should always win your fights with out any dragons dying . Thanks for watching. Let me know if this was helpful in the comments and how you guys feel about arena mode in general. The script will be in the description.

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