Ancient Hanging Temple in China

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Ancient Hanging Temple in China

Learn about China’s Hanging Temple.

China is full of architectural gems.

A prime example is The Hanging Temple – located in Shanxi province.

As the name implies, it simply appears to be hanging in midair, set up high amidst the gorgeous back drop of a mountain. In reality, the temple is supported from wooden pillars which are placed into holes that were cut into the side of the cliff.

The structure was constructed more than 1,000 years ago and it stands nearly 250 feet above the ground. The temple itself is more than 160 feet tall.

The temple faces a gorgeous valley and serves as a unique tourist attraction. Visitors can walk upwards with the help of a stone walkway.

The temple houses more than 40 cabinets, corridors and pavilions, which all connect by both boardwalks and bridges. The interior of the temple contains bronze and iron statues, clay sculptures and stone carvings.

The unique layout and location attract visitors but lovers of architecture can appreciate the varying design elements. The temple showcases Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian characteristics.

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